Release Procedure

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I have created a power point that would provide a brief introduction on release procedures.

Release Procedure

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Enhancement SAP Pricing procedure (code maybe)

We have 2 customer discounts Z007 and ZADD, which have been assigned in pricing procedure ZVAA01. PP ZVAA01 is being used for sales order types ZVOR (manual orders) and ZVED (EDI orders) .. for all types of sold-tos. The billing type used is ZF2 for both order types. The billing types too has ZVAA01 as the pricing procedure.

Condition Z007 is determined by condition record, while ZADD is either maintained manually or comes through IDOC-850.

How can we add dollar value limit to a release code? -- Anonymous

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Release code is an alpha-numeric 2 letter character and does not carry any value with it. In short, you can not add dollar value to a release code ( although you can describe the dollar value to the , instead you add the release code to a release strategy which contains the PO approval limit.