How can we add dollar value limit to a release code? -- Anonymous

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Release code is an alpha-numeric 2 letter character and does not carry any value with it. In short, you can not add dollar value to a release code ( although you can describe the dollar value to the , instead you add the release code to a release strategy which contains the PO approval limit.

Purchase Orders usually require a process of approval, especially when you are cutting a big amount for this. This so called approval process is controlled by Release Strategy in SAP.

Please note that release strategy controls the release of Purchase Orders, it does not tell users that user A's limit is only to $ 50K or so on. From the Screen Shots below:

Pic 1

Pic 2

Pic 1 shows the release strategy setup and Pic 2 shows the characteristic values for that particular release strategy.

Please note that the text against each release code (A0: $.01 - $1.00) is just a textual description and does not contain any value against it. I can even write it as "Vishnu" and it will still work. In the same pic the release status describes how the PO is approved ie:, user A0 releases first, then user Bo and then user C0. (fyi... this is also known as sequential-type release strategy)

Pic 2 shows the characteristics for this release strategy setup. As per this, for a PO cut above 10K and below 25K three levels of release are required. Again this does not mean that there is a dollar amount associated to each release code. If I jumble the release codes for this release strategy it would still work :)

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Tables you should be aware of for Release strategy:

T16FC/D: Release Codes/Description
T16FG/H:Release Group/Description
T16FS/T: Release Strategies/Description
T16FW: Role assignment (userid) to Release Code
AUSP: Characteristics of Release Codes

T.Code/ Config :

Configuration: SPRO->Materials Management -> Purchasing -> Purchase Orders -> Release Procedures for Purchase Orders ->

CL20N: To add characteristic values to release strategy

(optional) SWDD: To add the assigned roles to workflow

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