Release Procedure

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I have created a power point that would provide a brief introduction on release procedures.

Release Procedure

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  1. Dear Vishnu,

    I was reading some of the SDN threads.. they have given the following solution:

    Steps involved are:

    1) SPRO > MM > Purchasing > Purchase Order > Release Procedure for Purchase Orders > Define Release Procedure for Purchase Orders > Release Codes > here assign Workflow indicator as "1" against each Release Code

    2) SPRO > MM > Purchasing > Purchase Order > Release Procedure for Purchase Orders > Define Release Procedure for Purchase Orders > Workflow > Here against each release code assign OT as US and respective User ID's for Release Codes.

    For PO – enable (activate) event BUS2012.

    Result: All PO releases will be directed to the user email in SAP mailbox.

    Please let me know if this is the correct solution.



  2. Hello Vishal,

    By Configuring the system do you mean you wanted solutions on Workflow set-up?.

    The Workflow set-up depends on type of PO- workflow you have in your system. If you wanted to troubleshoot that please let me kwow where you are having problems and I/we can help you.

    If you wanted to know about basics of workflow in general, I will soon be uploading a workflow ppt.

    Hi Vishal,

    In a way yes and no.

    The steps 1 and 2 are required to identify the users to whom the mail should be sent to ..
    BUS2012 is an event which will enable to send the mail but there are other steps involved too.

    Also usually clients prefer e-mails to be sent both to external address (outlook/thunderbird) as well sap-inbox and more steps are involved in this process, it is for this reason I said "no"

    Infact I will check with our ABAP analyst and get a detailed picture soon

    This communication is really interesting!! mind if I post it in the comment section and share with our webmates?

  3. ....From my inbox...
    Hi Vishnu,

    I obtained your emails from one of the release strategy slides on the internet. Just wanted some information on how to set up release strategies by cost center?

    E.g. I would like to have 3 levels of approval for Purchase Reqs

    1) 0-500 Based on Cost Center owner only they can approve it.
    2) 500 to 2000 Only FD Can approve this
    3) >2000 Only MD Can approve this

    How can i go about this? I am ok with 2 and 3 thats easy i am just struggling with the 1st one as you can have 30 cost centers with 30 different cost center owners.

    let me know




    Hello Adeel,

    Not sure which part you are having questions, so I will try to provide all the possible answers/solutions I can:

    1) I would recommend going in the Sequential manner (slide 6)as this would provide less chance of error and more chance of liability. But this is upto the business.
    2) You can have 30 release codes for the 30 departments or less than that and can be shared across the departments.
    Like the following setup:

    * One release code per approver per Pur. Group/department
    o Vishnu “AA” for Pur group 1
    o Vishnu “AB” for Pur group 2
    * One release code per Pur. Group/strategy
    + Sequential only
    o Level 1 User1 “AA” for MEDIA group (PO $ <=10K)
    o Level2 User2 “AA” for Media group (PO $ >50K <=100K)

    As for the configuration part, in CT04 you can add one of the following depending on the requirement and that would help you identify the person,


    or you can create your own from the scratch. Hope this helps... Let me know if this is unclear, I will be able to help you.

    P.S: Your question is valid, do u mind if I post it as a comment on my site? (


    Hi Vishnu,

    Thanks for your reply. Please feel free to use it on your website. I will give it a try when i am in work on Monday




  4. We have written a comprehensive guide about SAP PR Release Strategy including step by step of configuration with screen shots at:

  5. Thank you Blogger, your info was very useful.

  6. Hi Vishnu,

    I just came across your site thru and wanted to say that I’ve really interested reading your posts. Because my background is SAP FI, I have a few experience on SAP MM. Looking forward to reading more from you down the road!


  7. Thank you mySAP FI.I will try to post more useful info here. I should also thank Eddai/ for providing valuable suggestions and tips.