Overview of LIV

Logistics Invoice Verification

We can verify vendor LIV in 4 ways
  • Invoice
  • Credit memo
  • Subsequent debit (Transport charges)
  • Subsequent credit (return poor quality materials to vendor)

Overview of Evaluated Recipt Settlement

Evaluated Receipt Settlement (ERS):
Vendor does not have to send an invoice, based on the quantity received the system will generate the invoice automatically.

Special Stocks

Special stocks include
  1. Pipeline
  2. Consignment stock
  3. Sub-contracting
  4. Stock transfer
  5. Third party processing

Info on Inventory management

"Managing stock of materials on a quantity and value basis is known as Inventory management"

Inventory management Integrates
  • Purchasing
  • Logistics Invoice verification
  • MRP
  • Production, etc

Types of Stock

There are 4 types of stock under which all the areas fall under.
  1. Unrestricted use stock
  2. Quality Inspection stock
  3. Blocked stock
The above stocks are valuated stocks that belong to the company

4. GR blocked stock - This type of stock is a valuated stock of the vendor.

Overview of Purchasing records (selected fields/selected screens)

Purchasing defines the procurement of either a material and/or services. It can be either external or internal.
w.r.t materials, it can be for stock purposes or consumption purposes.

The purchasing document types can be of Internal (for PR) or external (RFQ, PO Quotation, Contract and schedule agreement)

Overivew of Vendor Master (selected fields/screens)

Organization Levels: Company code, Purchase Org

Pricing date category: Determines which date is to be used for price determination

Incoterms: Used when doing Import and export

Accounting group:
  • LIEF for External vendor number assignment
  • KRED for Internal vendor number assignment

Material Master and Material Master records

From MM point of View ( Plant, Purchase Organization, Storage Location) there are 4 types of Material Master records
1) Material Master
2) Vendor Master
3) Purchase Master Records
  • Purchase Info record
  • Source List record
  • Quota record
4) Service Master

Association of Material Master with other functionality of MM

The following is a pictorial representation of a Material within other functions inside Materials Management.

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