Info on Inventory management

"Managing stock of materials on a quantity and value basis is known as Inventory management"

Inventory management Integrates
  • Purchasing
  • Logistics Invoice verification
  • MRP
  • Production, etc
Goods movement involves
  • Goods receipt
  • Goods Issue
  • Stock transfer
  • Transfer posting
Goods mvt will
  • update at least one material document
  • create one or more financial document
  • update stock value, quantity or consumption value will be updated
Movement types
selection of mvt types controls
  • which field to be entered or not
  • which field to be appeared
  • screen to appear
  • number assignment to be given or not
  • updating of quantity fields
  • stock consumption accounts
Goods receipt will affect the following,
  • Stock quantity and value will increase
  • Material docs and accounting docs will be created
Goods Issue: Issue of material from s.loc to cost center or from s.loc to scrap

Stock transfer: movement of stock from plant to plant.

Transfer Posting: Logical transfer of material from one stock type to another or from one material number to another.

Key T.Codes:
MMBE: Stock overview
MB1C: Initial entry of stocks (use mvt type 561, for 1st time implementation)
MB21: Create Reservation ( used for future requirement)

Suggest Zero values:
In MB1A 'suggest zero values' help us to issue with same reservation number for the item already issued.

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