Overivew of Vendor Master (selected fields/screens)

Organization Levels: Company code, Purchase Org

Pricing date category: Determines which date is to be used for price determination

Incoterms: Used when doing Import and export

Accounting group:
  • LIEF for External vendor number assignment
  • KRED for Internal vendor number assignment

Info records: Contains details of Vendor and Material.

Purchase Info record types:
  • With Material Master record
  • Without material master record
To create an Info record, go to ME11. After entering the vendor and material. Once you are in. click on the text, click on conditions and enter valid date and price. Save.

Note: For Miscellaneous material and office supplies there is no material master so we create the info record without plant and material.

Source List:

The purpose of source list is to find the possible sources, blocked sources and fixed sources for a particular period.
Before creating source list we need to have material master data and vendor master data.

If material is valuated at company code level, then the material is saved in all plants.
If at plant level then it varies from plant to plant.
For PP module the material should be valuated at plant level only.

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