Overview of LIV

Logistics Invoice Verification

We can verify vendor LIV in 4 ways
  • Invoice
  • Credit memo
  • Subsequent debit (Transport charges)
  • Subsequent credit (return poor quality materials to vendor)

In MIRO, use the details tab for subsequent credit adjustments.
Doc Type: For Gross-Invoice receipt RE
For Net Invoice receipt (RM)

Manual Invoice Reduction:
In case there is a discrepancy between the vendor invoice and goods received, Enter vendor invoice details in the header. In PO line item row 'correct ID' select vendor error, reduce invoice.

Parking the Doc:
Via MIR7 you can park the invoice.

Invoice Verification in Background MIRA:
If the vendor sends invoice for several PO's then enter all PO no's in MIRA and enter the vendor invoice, system will compare vendor invoice with the total invoice price.

Release blocked invoice (MRBR)
Enter details in selected screen. Select doc # and select block reason (Eg: Date, Click on delete block reason) Then click on release invoice button and save.


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  2. how abt automatic inv reduction, tolerances and all?..good posts mate

  3. We can verify the vendor LIV by three way match

    1) By qty
    2) By Price
    3) By Delivery schedule

    This can be done by setting up tolerance