Special Stocks

Special stocks include
  1. Pipeline
  2. Consignment stock
  3. Sub-contracting
  4. Stock transfer
  5. Third party processing

As these stocks are either maintained at a different location or belongs to a different company the processing of these stocks in SAP is different.

  • There are no Purchasing docs (PR or PO)
  • No GR
  • No Invoice
  • In MM01 select the material type as PIPE
  • Create Purchase Info record with Info cat as Pipeline
  • Enter goods issue in MB1A with mvt type 201 P
  • Settle liabilities for withdrawal quantity using MRKO
For consignment stocks he vendor does not have to send invoice, we do not enter the price and conditions in the PO. We enter the GR.

  • In purchase info record select Consignment.
  • Create a Purchase req by selecting item cat as K
  • Create a Purchase Order by selecting item cat as consignment. We do not specify the price and conditions , they are derived from Purch. Info record at the time of settlement.
  • Enter the GR via MIGO with mvt type 101
  • MB1B with mvt type 411k or direct issue to cost center from vendor consignment stock in MB1A mvt type 201K
  • Settle liabilities
  1. Create a BOM for end product CS01
  2. Create Pur Info record for this BOM material by selecting info-cat as sub-contracting
  3. Create PR for this BOM with Item cat L
  4. Provide the mat to the sub-contracting
  • Via transfer post MB1B
  • Via Post goods issue ME20
  • Via delivery VL01N with delivery type LB
Enter the Invoice

Stock - Transfer:

There are 2 ways of GR'ing Stock- transfer goods

One step process:
  • Via T.Code MB1B with mvt type 301 (Transfer posting plant to plant)
Two step process:
  • Via MB1b using mvt type 303 (Transfer posting plant to plant -remove from storage) and then 305 (Transfer posting plant to plant - place in storage)
There are other situations too w.r.t Shipping and distribuition (SD). The process is described below:

Order without SD delivery:
  1. Create a PO with ME21N with receiving plant. The doc type should be UB (stock transport order)
  2. Transfer the posting in supplying plant via MB1B with mvt type 351 (Tr. posting to stock in transit from unrestricted use)
  3. Enter GR using 101 type
Order with SD delivery and without billing:
  1. Create a PO with doc. type UB
  2. Create the delivery in the issuing plant with mvt type 641 (Goods issue for a stock transport order). The Delv. type is NL
  3. Enter the GR with movement type 101
With SD delivery and with billing:
  1. Create a PO
  2. Create the delivery with delivery type MLCC and movement type 643 (Goods issue for a cross-company stock transport order)
  3. Enter the GR
  4. Create the Invoice via MIRO
One of the reason why the stock transfer is not done via MIGO is that an accounting document will be created which will not be required for a plant to plant transfer within the same company code .

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