Attachments to a Purchase Order in SAP

Most of the time the Users wanted to attach a document ( xls/doc/txt) to the Purchase order that was created. (This is useful in Automobiles industry where you would specify the parts requirement and so on..)

SAP provides 2 ways for attaching the documents to a purchase order

1) Using Document Management System ( a separate implementation/integration)
2) Manually adding the doc to the PO.

My focus will be on the second method which is manual and cost effective


1) Create a PO via ME21N and save.
2) Open the created PO in change mode (ME22N) and add the doc using the Service for object button (Service Object -> Create -> Create Attachment)

Please note that this will not forward the attachment to your vendor nor will you be able to print it automatically when you print the PO. This is for Internal Purpose only!!

List of Movement types (a Dump)

MvT Movement Type Text

101 GR goods receipt
102 Reversal of GR
103 GR into blocked stck
104 Rev. GR to blocked
105 GR from blocked stck
106 Rev.GR from blocked
121 GR subseq. adjustm.

Advantages of Blanket PO

The following are the advantages of a blanket PO
(Doc Type: FO; Item Categoy: B)

  1. Cost reduction in order processing
  2. Transaction cost is lower
  3. Validity period is long

Steps for setting up EDI Interface

In this sections, I will discuss an overview in the steps setting up of EDI Inerface

1. Setup SAP application
- Customize the application and create basic data
- Check the functionality of the application

EDI:: how it works...

As said earlier EDI is transfer of data between 2 systems.

The common types of EDI standards,

ANSI X12 is the US standard (3040, 4040)
UCS is a standard in grocery companies.
TRADACOMS is a standard in UK retail Industry.

Difference between EDI, ALE and BAPI

EDI or Electronic data Interchange is a process in which data is transferred between an SAP system and another system. The latter one can be a non-SAP system too.

ALE (Application Link Enable) and BAPI(Business Application Programming Interface) are also another ways of transferring data between systems.

ASAP methodology and system landscape

ASAP : Accelerated SAP
Phase 1: Initial project preparation
In this phase the project managers, project leads get involved to discuss about the following
  • Consultants
  • workshop
  • Project starting and Ending dates

Overview of LIV (cont...)

Cancel Invoice documents:

To return poor goods that are already invoiced:
  1. FI (AP) will reverse the invoice payment
  2. Reverse the invoice document (MR8M)
  3. Reverse goods (MBST)