Attachments to a Purchase Order in SAP

Most of the time the Users wanted to attach a document ( xls/doc/txt) to the Purchase order that was created. (This is useful in Automobiles industry where you would specify the parts requirement and so on..)

SAP provides 2 ways for attaching the documents to a purchase order

1) Using Document Management System ( a separate implementation/integration)
2) Manually adding the doc to the PO.

My focus will be on the second method which is manual and cost effective


1) Create a PO via ME21N and save.
2) Open the created PO in change mode (ME22N) and add the doc using the Service for object button (Service Object -> Create -> Create Attachment)

Please note that this will not forward the attachment to your vendor nor will you be able to print it automatically when you print the PO. This is for Internal Purpose only!!


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