Overview of LIV (cont...)

Cancel Invoice documents:

To return poor goods that are already invoiced:
  1. FI (AP) will reverse the invoice payment
  2. Reverse the invoice document (MR8M)
  3. Reverse goods (MBST)

Direct posting to G/L account/ Material Account

If we receive an invoice from transporter for a PO (which is already invoice posted for some PO)
  • Select subsequent debit in transaction
  • Enter unplanned delivery costs in details tab and enter PO that was not equal to .
  • Click on G/L act or material account and enter details

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  1. Hi

    For return goods in case of invoiced.

    1) We can issue the credit note in MIRO
    2) Return delivery in MIGO with Mov type 122-retun to vendor

    Instead of cancelling the documents