SAP Workflow tutorial

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The following is a tutorial on SAP Workflow, easy to follow...

SAP SCM : the Why, What and How..

So there is/are new term going on in the SAP world which is picking up very fast. These 'New Dimension products' falls in the category of what SAP introduced as Business Suite/ SAP Business Suite. Today I am going to be giving in a brief intro on this new world.

Before moving on to discuss about the SAP Business Suite, let us look at the outline of SAP from R/3-ECC to Business Suite

Movement Types for STO

The movement types differ based on Goods Issue and Goods receipt scenario.We can use Mvt Type 301 for one step transfer. The common type of mvt type for GI are 303, 351, 641 and 643.
In the case of Goods receipt we use mvt type 101.