Inventory cycle-count in SAP

The physical inventory document needs to be created to do a cycle counting. This helps in recording the inventory levels as and when it is counted.

The procedure is as follows

1) Go to transaction MICN
2) Enter the plant for which you wanted to do the cycle counting and execute.
3) Select the line Item and click on the Generate session button
4) In the next "Batch Input: session overview" screen select the line item or all the line items and click on the process button.

By doing this a physical invent. doc is created based on criteria.This would print physical inventory documents for all material/batches that meet those requirements.


  1. I tried following the instructions above and I receive a message stating "No Materials Found For Physical Inventory". I do not see a Generate Session button. I do not see a Batch Input: session overview". There is an item stating "Generate Batch Input" that can be checked.

    I am new to the company I work for but not new to SAP. I have never used Cycle Counting in SAP and it has never been used in the company where I am working.

    I appreciate any assistance you can provide.

  2. This occurs when the CC indicator field in plant data / storage view of the material master is not populated with an ABC analysis value. This can be generated automatically for all valued materials using T-CODE MIBC.