Vendor Evaluation in SAP

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Please find an very easy and informative presentation on Vendor Evaluation.
Also how to calculate the score for vendors here:

Vendor Evaluation

Vendor Evaluation Scoring

Special thanks to Harish for sharing this useful presentation. You can reach him for further questions @


  1. Thanks for the docs. the vendor evaluation was so helpful and got it at right time. SAP ABAP Online Training

  2. Hi I want to Learn Vendor Evaluation customization and Functional... Can help me .....
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  3. I am still unable to understand the logic behind the calculations....Especially for price and delivery please can anyone give simple means to calculate...i.e
    Reports to verify ( transactions)

  4. Hi

    could you please explain the score calculation,

    for example statistic delivery date 01.09.2015, actual GR date is 06.10.2015

    in this case what the score for sub creta: On time delivery .

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    Sesidhar Gollu

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    could please explain the score calculation formula to below the example
    static deliver date 01.10.2015 actual GR date 10.10.2015

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