SAP Lockbox - What , Why and How

Almost an year ago, I had written an article on EDI processing (more here) where I had mentioned about 820 and 823 and jolted briefly that it is known as "Lockbox". In this section, I will be discussing more in detail about what lockbox is and where and why it is used.


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 Now that the certification comes a little cheaper, thanks to Vishnu Pathangi for his information about the discount, I decided to test my skills. I have taken my SAP FI certification last week and passed. I want to share my experiences. 

There are 3 main steps to take the certification.

1. Choose the certification: There are 8 certifications in Accounting.In each level there is one for financial accounting and one for management accounting (Controlling). 2 with SAP ERP5.0, 2 for Associate level and 2 for Professional  in ERP 6.0 with ehp4, 2 for professional level with ERP 6.0.
2. Know what to study for a particular certification. Get complete information about the certification chosen. has detailed level description of syllabus, break down of weightage per syllabus for each certification, what are the areas you would need to concentrate more etc.. TFIN50 and TFIN52 are the core courses for Associate level tests. Thorough reading of these books will be enough to get through the exam. Each exam has its own pass mark and it will be revealed only at the exam center before starting the exam. For C_TFIN52_64(Associate level financial accounting with ERP6.0 with EHP4), it is 66 percentage.
3. Preparing these courses and practicing tests (there are a few available online) thoroughly is very important to pass the exam.Work experience helps a lot since with experience it is relatively easier to grasp the concepts.Memorizing won't be enough.

The exam has 80 questions to answer in 180 minutes. All are multiple choice questions and there are few questions which will have more than one correct answer. The number of correct choices will be specifically given in the question.You can flag any question to review at a later time. At the end of the test, you will be given an option of choosing to review all questions, incomplete questions or flagged questions.

The exam is not a tough one, but definitely not an easy one. You need to go through the courses completely and thoroughly. 

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